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The Sargodha Campus is envisioned to have the faculty of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Management Sciences and IT and Computer Sciences. The Faculty of Management Sciences and IT & Computer Sciences

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We at the Sargodha Sub-Campus are continuously striving for excellence. A dedicated team of academia, as well as administrative staff, is the key for such success. For this purpose, a faculty has been developed comprising of local and national members. The aim is to produce students and scholars with high moral ethics combined with capabilities of critical thinking, leadership, and research. 

The faculty and students are provided with the most modern and well-equipped classrooms, lecture halls, and laboratory facilities. The campus has well-equipped labs to facilitate research students. We are passing through an exciting and challenging time in science and technology. Faculty members place the highest value on teaching, service, and research as reflected in our work with students. 

I encourage you to explore your interest in all fields of sciences and arts and to begin your journey by reviewing the UOL website and learn about the many programs available here in other disciplines as well. I invite every eligible candidate to join our campus and together we move toward an exciting new era of health education, research, and service.

Dr. Khalid Akbar (Pro-Rector, UOL, Sargodha Sub-Campus)

Director Academics 

The UOL Sargodha Sub-Campus provides an excellent teaching and learning environment. We strive to provide our students with every possible resource for academic success. The programs offered at undergraduate and graduate levels are tailored to meet the latest curriculum requirements in the field of social, management, basic and natural, & computer sciences. We offer students with the opportunity to attend various workshops and training sessions other than regular academic activities to cater diverse topics in their respective fields.

The UOL Sargodha Sub-Campus has developed an excellent teaching and learning environment and has achieved strong results in teaching assessments with the largest international student body in a private sector university in Pakistan. Our dedicated faculty members are highly qualified having local and foreign qualifications. At present, there are 55 PhD faculty members. HEC has granted NOCs for many undergrad and graduate programs and various undergrad programs are in a process of accreditation from respective statutory bodies.

If you are seeking a program where scholars are encouraged to explore the boundaries of latest knowledge and expertise, you will find it at the UOL Sargodha Sub-Campus.

Dr. Rozeia Mustafa (Director Academics, UOL, Sargodha Sub-Campus)



The University of Lahore, Sargodha Sub-Campus aspires to become a nationally and internationally recognized university that distinguishes itself as a imbedding center for outstanding ethical and moral values, teaching quality, learning outcomes, and richness of the student experience. The University of Lahore, Sargodha Sub-Campus envisions a transformative impact on society through its continual innovation in education, creativity, research, and entrepreneurship.


The University of Lahore, Sargodha Sub-Campus represents excellence In teaching, research, scholarships, creativity, and engagement. Its mission is to produce professionals outfitted with highest standards in creativity, transfer and application of knowledge dissemination to address the issues of our time. It sculpts its graduates to become future leaders in their fields to inspire the next generations and to advance ideas that benefit the world.






Core values are the inviolable commitments that express “who we are as an institution”. They establish principles that infuse all behaviors, practices and activities in the Business School. We believe that, when inspired by the common values, people work most effectively. We consider following core values fundamental to our success:

01. Excellence


02. Merit


03. Innovation


04. Appreciation


05. Unity


06. Equity


07. Respect


08. Trustworthiness


09. Student Centricity


10. Social Responsibility